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Thursday, June 7, 2012


   You've probably heard this many times, "it's bad to eat late", "don't eat before bed", "eat lightly later in the day". The fact is, this is all true. I've done an extensive amount of research on this topic and would like to share my findings with you.
 It's true that we each are different, different metabolisms, different body types, different genes, etc. But, the met
abolism slows down as the day progresses. This is why it isn't wise to eat late at night.

 From my research, i've learned about many different types of eating plans. I've found that just because an eating plan works for you, it doesn't mean it will work for someone else. Our bodies are all made differently, there's nothing we can do about it. But, there is a way to acheive optimal digestion that works for your specific bodily needs.

 First of all, you should always make sure to eat your biggest meal in the afternoon. Why? because this is the time that our metabolisms are at their peak. This means that whatever you eat at this time, whether it's a big or small meal, will have enough time to fully digest before you go to sleep. Secondly, exercising a few hours after your meal will help to burn those calories and make sure it doesn't turn to fat.

 I'm not saying there has to be a specific way to eat, all I'm saying is that as the day goes on, reduce your calorie intake and make sure not to eat just before bed. You don't want to eat at this time because this is the time your digestive system is the slowest. If you eat, that food is NOT going to digest properly and will unfortunately turn into fat.

 Speaking from experience, I know it's difficult at first to change your normal routine, but once you keep doing it, it will come naturally to you. So again, what you want to do is eat your biggest meal in the afternoon, because that's the time your metabolism is at it's highest. Later in the day, you can have a low-calorie protein shake, this is especially effective for a post-workout meal. It's not too heavy on the stomach and will digest quickly.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


We all want to be healthy. But most of us don't want to sacrifice our tastebuds. Well, you don't have to. With these delicious and healthy snacks you'll get full satisfaction knowing that the tasty snack your eating is also doing your body good too! Another great thing about these snacks is that they contain absolutely no animal products whatsoever, which makes them even more amazing! My point is that you certainly DO NOT need to eat anything from animals to be completely satisfied with a yummy and filling snack. Being 100% Vegan myself, I do get cravings from time to time for something a little sweet and I let myself indulge a bit. But whenever I do I always buy something healthy. I'm going to give you a list of some of my personal favorite munchies when I have that sweet tooth!


**This sorbet is absolutely amazing! It tastes great and is very satisfying. It is also 100% VEGAN, NON-DAIRY, NON-GMO, FULL OF ANTIOXIDANTS AND HEALTHY OMEGAS.


Super tasty! This is definately something I reach for if I have a salty craving. Completely satisfying, healthy,  and 50% less fat and oil than other popcorn!It's also ALL NATURAL and only 40 calories a cup!  The only ingredients in it are: organic popcorn, expeller pressed canola/safflower/sunflower oil, and salt.


**Mmmm...Who doesn't LOVE chocolate!? One of my fav chocolate bars. I can honestly say that this will satisfy anyone who loves chocolate vegan or not. If I gave this to you and didn't tell you it's vegan, you wouldn't know! Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, all natural, and delicious. It has organic cane sugar, organic cocoa, and organic vanilla extract. 


**One word, scrumptious. Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and delicious. Is there anything more you could ask for?


**A 100% fruit sweeted European chocolate fudge sauce. Definately something you want to have in your fridge when you have that sweet tooth!


**Calling all chocolate lovers! Rich and chocolatey, these tasty choco chunks are sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings! It's also dairy, nut, and soy-free!