Saturday, December 29, 2012


The Egyptians were wise people. When they had a problem, they found a solution.
They performed their own tests and often found cures to various diseases and illnesses.
In fact, many of the medicines used in by the Egyptians centuries ago are still being used today.

Not only were the Egyptians skilled in health, they also knew a great deal about astronomy.
Priest-astronomers studied the constellations and tracked the movement of the planets.
Our calendar comes from the Egyptians, who first created their own calendar.

From building pyramids to creating their own irrigation systems, mathematics was widely used in Egypt.
To accomplish these tasks, the Egyptians needed design and engineering skills. It also caused them to learn practical geometry.

The Egyptians highly valued art. They often used painting, statues, and sculptures to show everyday scenes of life. They used sculptures to depict people.
They used animal heads to show special qualities of their leaders. The Egyptians building techniques were so magnificent that the Romans would later use them for their own structures.
Structures such as Ramses II at Karnak are so magnificent that they are still around to this day.

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