Wednesday, July 11, 2012


There are many vegan celebrities. Many of which i bet you have no idea are vegan. I personally admire these celebrities and am glad they made the decision to go vegan or vegetarian and make a huge impact in the world. Not only are these famous celebrities making a huge impact, most of them are speaking out about it!


1) ELLEN DEGENERES: Why did Ellen go vegan? That's the question your proboably wondering about. Well, she learned about factory farming & cruelty to animals. Ellen realized that wha twas on her plate were living things with feelings. She also read books like, "Diet for a New America" & viewed documentaries such as "Earthlings" & "Meet Your Meat."  

2) ALICIA SILVERSTONE:   Animal rights and environmental activist, this great example of  a great role model said "she was an animal lover who was eating animals." Alicia has become very influential and a great example to others on how to live a healthy & happy vegan lifestyle. With her book and the many talks she's given and continues to give encouragement to others.
3) JOAQUIN PHOENIX: Joaquin comes from a family of strict vegetarians. He is a great example, he speaks out against animal abuse!  
4) ALYSSA MILANO:  A longtime PETA supporter and avid vegetarian.

5) Emily Deschanel: Vegan & speaks about improving the planet with a vegan lifestyle.
6) BOB HARLEY: Vegan with his own book about his vegan lifestyle, healthy eating tips, and crusade against animal farms.

7) Russell Brand: This actor-comedian  is now taking on a vegan lifestyle after watching a documentary called, "Forks Over Knives".  Although he has just recentley turned vegan, Russel Brand has been a vegetarian since the age of 14.

8) Bill Clinton: became a vegan and lost over 20 pounds.

9) Bryan Adams:went vegan at age 28 because of his strong belief in animal rights.

10)Jason Mraz: Self-proclaimed raw vegan.

11) Lea Michele: Vegan and works closely with PETA.

12) Olivia Wilde: Vegan and created her own website called, "Wilde Things".

13) Steve-O: Vegan since the year 2008.

14) Tobey Maguire: He is a longtime vegan.


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