Thursday, May 10, 2012


Mmmm... Nut Butters! If you haven't tried them you don't know what your missing. Nut butters are tasty and have many health benefits. One of the great things about nut butters is that they are easy on your digestive system and great for your health. There is so much variety in what kinds you can eat. Also, you can make them yourself which is great if you are on a limited budget. I used to eat whole nuts but now i'm crazy over nut butters. What's great about making your own nut butters is that you get to add whatever you want to them, cinnamon, honey, cane sugar, etc. Each nut butter has it's own benefits and you can make it out of any nut. My personal favorite is roasted almond butter; it gives off sort of a sweet nutty flavor and tastes great. By blending the nuts you also get more benefits because it releases enzymes. Here are some info and recipes of almond butter that is delicious & nutritious:

ALMOND BUTTER: Definately one of the best natural foods on the market today. This superfood is loaded with PROTEIN, CALCIUM, FIBER, MAGNESIUM, FOLIC ACID, VITAMIN E, MANGANESE, TRYPTOPHAN, COPPER,  AND POTASSIUM. It's also low in saturated fat and decreases bad cholesterol.



What you'll need:

1)Raw Almonds
2) Food Processor or blender
3) Optional: Cinnamon/Honey


Put your desired amount of almond butter in food processor or blender. Blend until smooth(this could take up to 15 min). Add cinnamon or honey and refrigerate. Super simple right?


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